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Why should I rent from The Social Bags?

All of our bags are 100% authentic and curated to suit any occasions you have marked on your calendar. With the designers releasing their latest collection at an ever-increasing price, we aim to make designer bags affordable and accessible for everyone without sacrificing the other good things in life.

Plus, if you’re thinking of investing (yes, it’s an investment!) in a designer bag, renting it first is a good way to experience the bag before splurging your hard- earned cash (we feel you ladies).

All bags are packaged with TLC in our signature black box to give you a complete unboxing experience.

Who can rent with The Social Bags?

We are currently offering this bag rental service to Malaysians only – provided that they are able to visit our physical office for pick-up & return of the bags.

Verification Checks

Due to the high value of designer bags that we are renting, we must ensure we are renting them to legitimate Malaysian customers. Our first time customers/registered members are compulsory to undergo this verification checks.

We reserve the right to perform verification checks on our customers at any time. We may contact you for more details in order to complete these verification checks.

When does my rental starts / ends?

Your rental starts at 12pm on the first date you’ve selected & will end at 8pm on the end rental date that you’ve selected. Any bags returned after 8pm on the end rental date will be charged with a late penalty.

I’ve selected a 3-day rental from Fri – Sun. My rental will start at 12pm on Friday and will end at 8pm on Sunday. The bag will have to be returned on Sunday anytime before 8pm (appointment is required).

How long can I borrow the bag?

The minimum rental duration per bag is 3 days & the maximum is 2 weeks .

Can I rent more than one bag?

Yes! You may rent up to 2 bags at one time. If you have an excellent rental & payment history with us, you may be able to rent more than 2 bags at the discretion of The Social Bags Management.

Can I lend my rentals to my family & friends?

The rented bags are solely for your personal use and are not transferable.

Payment / Security Deposit

What payment method do you accept?

We accept payment via all major credit cards and debit cards only at the moment.

Security Deposit

Due to the high value of designer bags that we are renting, a security deposit of up to RM3,000 (depending on the bag value) is required on top of the rental payment. This is to cover any damages (ex: excessive stains, dirt mark etc.), late penalty charge or other additional charges, if any.

If no additional charges incurred, the security deposit will be released back to you once we have received and checked the condition of the bag from you.

Delivery, Pick-Up & Drop-Off

Do you provide delivery?

Unfortunately, we do NOT offer any delivery for our rentals at the moment. All confirmed rentals would have to be self pick-up and self drop-off by our customers.

Your signature is required upon pick-up and we may request to check your IC (especially for first time customers) for verification purposes to ensure our rentals are handed to safe hands.

Hopefully we’ll be able to provide delivery service to our customers in the near future – so stay tuned!

Where do I pick-up & drop-off the bag?

Pick-up and drop-off will be made at our physical office. Appointment is required before dropping by.

Appointments can be made via our booking system or email. Please ensure you have the appointment confirmation before dropping by.

Your bag rental automatically ends at 8pm on the return date, therefore kindly ensure the bag is returned at the store before 8pm to avoid any late penalty charges.

Do I have to drop-off anything else other than the bag?

Yes, please! As per our Return Card that we provide with every confirmed rental, here are the items that have to be returned to us:
#Dust bag
#The Social Bags black box

Can I purchase the bag?

We know it’s hard to let go and we would love to see our bags go to good homes. Unfortunately, our bags are not for sale at this moment.

Cancellations & Late Return

I’ve changed my mind and would like to cancel my rental. Will I be charged?

Once the transaction of the bag rental is confirmed, any cancellations of up to 48 hours before the start of the rental date will be charged with a cancellation fee of RM50.


Rental starts from 12pm on 15 August. Any cancellation made at 12pm and above on 13 August will be charged with a cancellation fee. This will be deducted from your payment.

Once the cancellation fee is deducted, the rest of the amount will be released back to you.

Late Returns

All 3 items (bag, dust bag & The Social Bags black box) must be returned latest by 8pm on your end rental date. A late penalty fee of RM100 per bag per day will be charged for each day the bag and/or other required item(s) is not returned after the due date.

Rental ends at 8pm on 18 August. If the customer returns the 3 required items at 6pm on 20 August, a late penalty fee of RM200 will be charged.

If all 3 items are not returned after one week (7 days) from the end of your rental duration, a fee of 100% of the retail price and corresponding sales tax, less the rental fee and total delay fees; will be charged.

Damages, Lost Or Stolen

What if the bag/dust bag is damaged during my care?

Hopefully not! But if this couldn’t be avoided, we will assess and check if we’re able to clean or repair the bag/dust bag. Costs will be covered with the security deposit that you have paid.

If we are not able to clean or repair the bag/dust bag and offer it for future rentals, it will be considered as fully damaged. If it is considered fully damaged, you will be responsible to pay a fee of 100% of the retail price of the bag and the bag will then be returned to you once you have paid for the item.

What if the bag/dust bag is lost or stolen during my care?

If the item is stolen or lost, you will also be responsible for the fee of 100% of the retail price of the bag.

If we notice multiple cases of theft or loss to your rentals we reserve the right to close your account at any time.

What if the The Social Bags (TSB) black box is damaged, lost or stolen during my care?

As the TSB black box is required to be returned to us at the end of your rental duration, a penalty fee of RM50 will be charged if it is excessively damaged, lost or stolen during your care.

Authentication & Condition of the bags

Are the bags authentic/original?

Rest assured that all of our bags are 100% guaranteed authentic to optimize your designer bag rental experience. We hope you know that we DO NOT support buying counterfeit designer goods!

Condition of the bags

All of our bags are bought brand-new or in like-new condition, with minor signs of wear and tear. Each bag has to go through a strict cleaning and quality control inspection before it is released to the next lucky customer.

If you can’t find the answer to your questions, please contact us at info@thesocialbags.com and our team will get back to you soonest!